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Nirint Shipping, always ready to go the extra mile

always-ready-nieuws-nirintshipping.jpg06 Mar

At Nirint Shipping we are not just about shipping containers, we believe in going beyond the ordinary and offering solutions for all your needs. That’s why we would like to announce that we transported a second Ponton!

This time the NP 630 Ponton was loaded onto the MV Augusta Luna. The NP 630 Ponton is circa 250,000 metric ton, and the dimensions are 40,00 x 12,00 x 3,00 meters (LxWxH).

Nirint Shipping not only transported the Ponton but also equipped the Ponton for the client with the contribution of different suppliers with the essential components/equipment’s such as:

  • Watertanks
  • Generator
  • Two accommodation units including all home equipment/supplies for the workers
  • Two workshop containers
  • And a life raft.

Nirint Shipping remains dedicated to facilitating smooth and efficient logistics solutions and always willing to surpass expectations and go the extra mile, while acknowledging that it wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of our suppliers. The Ponton NP630 has been delivered and we are delighted to share that the Ponton is fully operating.


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