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We never say “no” to a challenge!

NP 629 Ponton.jpg31 Mar

On Friday the 17th of April, the NP 629 Ponton of 242,850 metric ton, 40,00 x 12,50 x 4,50 meters (LxWxH) including coaming for dredging purposes was launched from the slipway at Baars B.V. in Sliedrecht. Early in the morning on the 21st of April, the project continued and the Ponton was transported by barge to the Rhenus Terminal at the Maasvlakte.

The total process of loading the Ponton on the MV Gotland took several hours, which includes the diver who was appointed to ensure that the soft slings were perfectly aligned. After the “go” was given, the actual loading process started but required patience due to the observation of the vessel's safety procedures.

These are the challenges the Nirint family gets extra energy from and we are more than satisfied to know that the NP 629 Ponton including coaming is safely heading for the Caribbean on the MV Gotland with the other cargo on board!

All footage: Kiwi Aerial Shots

Nirint Zout fotografie WEB Res-26

Nirint Zout fotografie WEB Res-88

Nirint Zout fotografie WEB Res-98

Transportponton voor baggerdoeleinden naar Caribean | Baars Sliedrecht

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