Would you like to ship breakbulk Curacao? Nirint provides transportation to and from the Caribbean. Whether it is a load of barrels or a large piece of equipment, you can count on us to get your shipment to where it needs to be quickly and safely. We provide our customers with excellent services to help them achieve better production and sales results.

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Breakbulk Curacao Shipping routes

Nirint has various shipping routes to the Caribbean. Whether you want your cargo transported from Europe, Asia, Canada or the Caribbean, we ensure a swift delivery. We make use of base ports in the Netherlands, Spain, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Cuba and Canada. Is your destination not included in our transport route? We are also happy to divert to other destinations, as long as they are no more than 3 sailing days away. Because of this flexibility in our transport services we often deliver loads to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, Venezuela, the French Antilles, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

Europe - Caribbean route

Shipping breakbulk Curacao to and from Europe is made easy with Nirint’s fortnightly service between Europe and the Caribbean. This regular service takes between 10 to 14 days and sails from the Baltic Sea to Europe and the Caribbean. The ports included are:


  •     St. Petersburg, Russia
  •     Klaipeda, Lithuania
  •     Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  •     Antwerp, Belgium
  •     Bilbao, Spain


  •     Willemstad, Curaçao
  •     Oranjestad, Aruba
  •     Kralendijk, Bonaire
  •     Mariel, Cuba
  •     Santiago, Cuba
  •     Moa, Cuba

Canada - Caribbean route

This trade route is a 10 to 14 days service, which offers fast and competitive transport from the Caribbean to East Coast Canada for all cargo types. The ports included in Canada are:

  •     Halifax, Canada
  •     Montreal, Canada
  •     Toronto, Canada

Asia - Caribbean service

This is a monthly service that offers a direct or non-direct competitive transport service from Asian ports to and from the Caribbean. Cargo can be transported directly, or via a transfer to one of the liner services sailing from Europe. The shipping schedules, volume, quantity and type of cargo determine which options are available. The ports included in Asia are:

  •     Hong Kong, China
  •     Shanghai, China
  •     Tianjin (Xingang), China
  •     Singapore
  •     Tokyo, Japan
  •     Busan, South-Korea

Other ports than listed for each shipping route are subject to inducement. View our sailing schedule here

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Breakbulk Curacao: what does it include?

We regularly ship breakbulk Curacao, but what does this actually include? Breakbulk is any type of good that is specified individually and needs extra attention when being loaded. This might include goods transported in boxes, bags, crates, cradles, bundles or drums. But it can also include long, heavy or over-sized goods, such as pipes or windmills. The challenges shipping breakbulk are the equipment and expertise needed to load and transport this type of cargo. Read more about break bulk ships.

Fortunately Nirint has ships available with cranes that can be used for onshore and offshore loading/unloading in any port. Our experienced team and specialized equipment ensure a reliable, safe and quick service for shipping your breakbulk around the world. Find out more about our door to door service.

Breakbulk Curacao and choosing Nirint as your shipping partner for it

Nirint believes that an efficient production chain is more than good logistics. We work together with our customers to make the production chain simpler, safer and more efficient by exploring new avenues and thinking outside the box.

Interested in shipping breakbulk Curacao with Nirint? Get a rate enquiry.

If you would like more information about us or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +3110 224 9111 or by email at You can also access our contact page if you would like to use our contact form or for contact information of Nirint’s other offices.  

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