Door to Door Shipping

Door to door shipping is a service that transports goods from one address to another, covering all the steps in between, including collection, loading, shipping, unloading, and final delivery to an address.  It provides a way of moving goods from one place to another without the hassle of dealing with multiple intermediaries. With door to door shipping, the customer only needs to deal with one point of contact throughout the entire process, thus simplifying the customer experience of shipping goods. 

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Types of Shipping Compared

There are several types of shipping service available. Each type of shipping service covers different segments within the entire shipping journey. These include door-to-port shipping, port-to-port shipping, and door to door shipping. Door-to-port involves the collection of goods from the supplier and the transport of those goods to the port where they will be handled for shipping. Port-to-port shipping transports goods via cargo vessel from one port to another anywhere in the world. Door to door shipping is more comprehensive than door-to-port or port-to-port shipping as it covers all the steps involved in both services plus the final transportation and delivery from the port to the delivery address. Typically, door to door shipping also covers all the documentation and fees that occur within the shipping process. 

Door to Door Shipping Explained

Door to door shipping is a complete service that guarantees the pickup and delivery of goods from one address to another, covering all the intermediary steps. It is a fast, efficient, and straightforward method of shipping goods. Door to door shipping includes the collection of goods, the transportation of goods to the port, the handling of customs, the loading and shipping, the receiving at the port of destination, and the transportation of the goods from the port to the final address. All costs, surcharges, fees, and documentation are covered on the customer’s behalf by the company handling the shipping.The main advantage of door to door shipping is that it is easy and straightforward for the customer. Customers only have to deal with one freight forwarder throughout the entire shipping process. This is particularly advantageous for customers who are not familiar with the particularities of shipping cargo, but it can be convenient even for regular users of shipping services. Tracking the cargo is also straightforward as this is centralised under one notification system managed and updated by the service provider. With door to door shipping, customers do not need to deal with multiple handlers or with numerous tracking numbers and systems. 

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Door to Door Shipping with Nirint

Here at Nirint we have a fleet of first-class vessels capable of carrying all sorts of cargo, including containers, bulk, breakbulk, project cargo, LoLo/RoRo, and LCL. We also offer a comprehensive door to door shipping service where we take care of all points of the transportation process from one address to another on our customer’s behalf. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer or to receive a quote for the transportation of your cargo. 

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