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Nirint provides transport from Northern Europe to the Caribbean and vice versa. Nirint makes use of base ports in the Netherlands, Spain, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Cuba and Canada. As the Nirint ships are en route anyway, the company is also happy to divert to other destinations outside of these transport routes, as long as these are no more than 3 sailing days away.

This means Nirint also transports part loads to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, Venezuela, the French Antilles, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. As a result, Nirint’s customers are diverse and the work varies from container and truck transport to pallets, project cargo and bulk cargo, bagged goods and exclusive cars. 

With its services, Nirint helps its customers to achieve better production and sales results. Nirint supports its customers with local knowledge and years of experience in integrated and international chain management - always working on the promise that an efficient production chain is more than just good logistics. Nirint has a distinctive advantage because it considers transport by sea to be the most valuable and profitable link in the production chain.

Nothing stops Nirint from doing all it can for its customers. Nirint is all about thinking outside the box and exploring new avenues. This makes Nirint unique in its working methods; Nirint adds value to the customer’s products. Nirint is engaged and gives advice - making the production chain simpler, safer and more efficient through genuine collaboration with the customer. 

Good to know

  • 100% based in Barendrecht
  • Ports in Bilbao, Rotterdam, Willemstad, Barcadera, Mariel, Moa and Halifax
  • Offices in Spain, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, China and the Netherlands
  • Local agents in many countries

Member of BIMCO

The Baltic and International Maritime Council is a non-governmental organization headquartered in Danish Bagsværd, a suburb of Copenhagen. Founded in 1905, BIMCO is the largest international shipowners' association in the world and represents shipowners and shipbrokers.



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