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Nirint Shipping, always ready to go the extra mile

always-ready-nieuws-nirintshipping.jpg06 Mar At Nirint Shipping we are not just about shipping containers, we believe in going beyond the ordinary and offering solutions for all your needs. That’s why we would like to announce that we ... full story

Emissions Trading System (ETS)

Potential picture.jpg29 Aug The application of Europe’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) for the maritime sector was approved in April by the Council of the European Union. The introduction of this compliance-based carbon cost... full story

Nirint Shipping expanding the liner services with a NEW container vessel

hero-nicola-fleet-nirint.jpg21 Aug We are pleased to announce that Nirint Shipping will enhance-expand its liner services from Europe to the Dutch Caribbean and Cuba with the arrival of a new vessel. The result of adding this ... full story

Nirint Expanding the Liner Service with port calls in Vigo (Vilagarcia), Spain

New port Spain.jpg14 Jun We are pleased to announce that Nirint Shipping will enhance-expand her liner service by adding the port of Vigo (Vilagarcia) to the services. By doing this we strengthen and optimize our presence... full story

We never say “no” to a challenge!

NP 629 Ponton.jpg31 Mar On Friday the 17th of April, the NP 629 Ponton of 242,850 metric ton, 40,00 x 12,50 x 4,50 meters (LxWxH) including coaming for dredging purposes was launched from the slipway at Baars B.V. in ... full story

Nirint Shipping opens an inland container depot in Mannheim, Germany

container depot09 Mar We are proud to announce, that Nirint Shipping opened an Inland Terminal in Mannheim, Germany. The new location is considered an added value to our portfolio of services, by offering depot ... full story

Our most recent cargo: locomotives with a weight of 86.000 kilo's

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-20 at 11.23.39.jpeg27 Nov Previously we have claimed that we are able to transport everything, even challenging loads. Our most recent cargo definitely checks that box. Last week we transported a number of locomotives ... full story

Direct call to Kralendijk, Bonaire (14-OCT)

1706A APA BQKRA (43).jpg21 Sep We are proud to announce that - in a few weeks - we are shipping in a direct call to Kralendijk, Bonaire! Shipping details Ship: Augusta Sun (travelnumber: 2020A) Date: ETD 14th of October, ETA ... full story

A look behind the scenes of Nirint Shipping

HF-Nirint-148.jpg21 Sep Do you have some cargo you want to ship? Nirint provides transport from Northern Europe to the Caribbean and vice versa. Nirint makes use of base ports in the Netherlands, Spain, Curaçao, Aruba, ... full story

VIDEO : Mv Augusta Unity departing from Shanghai

13 May Mv Augusta Unity departing from Shanghai with her compass direction Panama. William Arthur Ward: “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the... full story

The process of dry docking of ships is a fascinating one

13 May The process of dry docking of ships is a fascinating one, but prefer to see a vessel doing where she is built for. Here our fresh maintained & painted mv Augusta Unity loading @ Shanghai.  full story

VIDEO : Great partnership with WeShipYachts

13 May Great footage of loading The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor 004 on her way to Dominican Republic. Great partnership with WeShipYachts to load The Ocean Cleanup Interceptor 004 on MV Augusta Luna ... full story

VIDEO : A shackle of the supply chain of our beloved clients!

13 May A shackle of the supply chain of our beloved clients!  Thanks to the hard working people in the Port of Rotterdam. full story

We transport everything, even 'challenging' loads

21 Feb Nirint is specialised in efficiently transporting all types of cargo - even ‘challenging’ loads. full story

Nirint maintains its ships

14 Feb Nirint meticulously maintains its ships so that the customer’s cargo is transported across the seas properly and safely. full story

MV Augusta Unity departs from Shanghai

07 Feb In addition to the service from Europe to the Caribbean, Nirint now also connects Asia to the Caribbean. Ship loaded for departure from China to the Caribbean. full story

Two new ships

31 Jan Proud to announce 2 multipurpose tweendeck heavylift vessels mv Augusta Luna (ex Rickmers Yokohama) & identical sister mv Augusta Star both geared 300 mt SWL joined our liner service fortnight ... full story

Procurement of new containers

24 Jan Procurement and deployment of new containers for transportation of customer cargo. full story
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