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You reap what you sow. As far as Nirint is concerned, it really is that simple. Nirint is a socially engaged business with a love for sports and culture. Nirint is sports-minded with a fondness for cultural heritage. For instance, Nirint - together with partners - facilitates the exhibition of old sea maps in Cuba and professional football clinics on Curaçao, and we are the proud sponsor of Rotterdam Topsport and Feyenoord. See below for a selection of how Nirint is trying to do good together with others.


Feyenoord football clinics Cuba

Feyenoord football clinics Cuba sponsored by Nirint. Back for a third time.

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Baseball World Port Tournament Rotterdam

Baseball is a national sport in many Caribbean countries

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Miss IQ

Sending relief supplies to Curaçao for Miss IQ.

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School in Cuba

Support/donations for a school in Cuba. Mainly aimed at the kitchen and canteen, where children are provided with 2 hot meals a day.

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Sala de la Cartografia

Cultural project for the creation of a permanent exhibition showcasing the maritime histories of both Cuba and the Netherlands. Located in the 'sala de la cartografia' in 'Palacio del Segundo Cabo.

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